• Each 5-a-side team to have a squad of no more than 10 players must be U7's (School year 2), players registered for the competition should be registered with the team under their respective Regional league we will only accept a league registration card and passport together as proof to play in the competition.
  • All games are friendly and must be played in a FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE.
  • A player registration form will be forwarded. Once your application is accepted.
    • All teams to bring their LEAGUE registration cards to all of the games they play and must be checked between the teams and Referee.

Apart from the remarks above, ALL normal Small sided/Mini Soccer Football, & FA rules as used & produced by the Walsall, Stourbridge and Telford Junior Youth District Leagues will apply.

The Football Association Laws for Mini-Soccer This guide provides the Laws for Under 7 and Under 8 versions of the game, with children playing a maximum of 5v5

  • Please remember: Under 7’s or Under 8’s are not permitted to play in leagues where results are collected or published or winner trophies are presented, this is deemed to be detrimental to the development of the player and the game and will not be sanctioned.
  • From season 2013/14, Under 7’s and Under 8’s can play in a maximum of three trophy events during the season, lasting a maximum of two weeks each. These are short-term experiences helping children learn about winning and losing in an appropriate environment. The winners of these events can be published and trophies can be presented.

Except where other provision, in these Laws are made, the Laws of Association Football apply. Each Law is numbered to correspond with the appropriate Law of the Game. These Laws are mandatory unless special permission is granted by The Football Association.


  • Group games must be played within the date range specified at a location arranged between the 2 teams playing, Qualified Referees will also be sourced to officiate the match by the home team. Results must be submitted by the Home Team Manager within 6 days to the Ben sanderson for the result to stand.
  • If there is an issue with any teams travelling any distance a more central location between the teams can be arranged to play. Nominated Home team selects Referee.
  • Groups consisting of 4 teams will be determined by a draw to take place on the 14/10/2016.
  • Group standings: 1st and 2nd qualifiy for champions league knock out phase, 3rd and 4th will qualify for Europa League Knock out phase.
  • Champions and Europa League QF, SF and Final to be played on or before 27/05/2016.
  • Complaints during match day should be made to the Match Official (Referee)or Liam the competition secretary, child welfare issues to the welfare officer Luke Thompson, failing this the FA.
  • If a game cannot be played for any given reason then the fixture will be rearranged at the earliest possible opportunity to suit flexibility of the teams affected within the time frame allocated for each phase of the competition. If a team does not show willingness to arrange a fixture they may forfeit and the opposing tem will get a by or a home win.
  • players cannot play if they are cup tied, all player registrations must be completed by the start of the competition, a 2nd chance for player registration may opened after the group stage however new player submissions must be justified and not cup tied.

All Registrations will be checked against Match report forms.
All moneys paid to the organisers will be used to Fund the competition and children.

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