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WMJCL draw 2018/19 Season

The all important draws for all age groups for 2018/19:

Teams have been listed in order they were drawn out of the Pot including draw numbers if you team was drawn 1st in a Group you will play at home the 2nd will play away for example:

Trysull Tigers play H, A, H, A, H

Tipton Youth play A, H, A, H, A

You only play each team in your Group once.

Games Can Commence as soon as you have provided your team Registrations at least 7 days before you play your 1st Fixture you don't have to provide this for every fixture but must be able to produce you team registrations on match day, Players can only play for your team if they fall within a 15mile radius of the clubs registered HQ on WGS as the crow flies therefore please insert the players postcode next to the name on the registration form, this from is available to download from the website and must be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. once you have provided your team registration this will be your team for the duration of he competition we will validate all registrations with your club. 


Unders 7's

Group 1:

1) Trysull Tigers West

5) Tipton Youth

10) Wordsley Lions

2) Kinglsey Olympic

7) Stourport Swifts

6) Pelsall Villa Black


Group 2:

9) Penn Colts

6) Pelsall Villa Reds

12) Wrekin Lions

13) Hawkins Sports Eagles

11) Worcester Colts

8) Walsall wood Swifts

3) Walsall Wood Wasps


Under 9's

Group 1:

10 Boldmere Falcons

15 Hawkins Sports

33 Walsall Pheonix Swifts

16 Randlay Colts Blue


Group 2:

31 Hednesford Newland Juniors

1 Walsall Pheonix Lions

26 Brentwood FC

23 Newland Swifts


Group 3:

13Cresswell Swifts

25 Lanehead Knights

12 Cresswell Wanderers

21 Shrewsbury Up & Comers Hawks


Group 4:

19 Wednesbury Sports Union

30 Shrewsbury Up & Comers Kestrels

7 AFC Wolves

3 Hednesford Town Falcons


Group 5:

8 Wrekin Tigers

24 Wyrley Pumas

32 Shrewsbury Up & Comers Eagles

11 Wellington KB


Group 6:

22 Newland Flyers

27 Northfield

4 Tipton Youth AFC

2 Lea Hall


Group 7:

9 Admaston Juniors

5 Walsall Wood Lions

17 Ruberry Juniors

6 Pelsall Villa Colts


Group 8:

28 Burntwood Dragons

29Boldmere Falcons S&S

20 Norton Canes FC

18 Sedgley Utd


Under 10s

Group 1:


9 Kidderminster lions

5 Alverchurch FC

7 Meadow Port Saints

11 Cresswell Lions

2 Sedgley White Lions

1 Sutton Rangers


Group 2:


8 Brownhill Colts

6 Nova Utd

4 Cradley Town

3 Walsall Wood Warriors

10 KInglsey Olympic











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